We are aware of high responsibility. The quality of our environment is highly determining for how good we feel. You will experience us as flamboyant and creative, but also as accurate workers. We imagine the design of living and working rooms as a whole, a process, during which we want to accompany our customers, until they have arrived . Our service often starts with the process of decision-taking: Advice during the process of choosing an object. We think that every place possesses the potential of being perfect and we deal with overall planning and shaping the layout. Reliable tools of target-aimed creativity are our structures: Concepts for materials, colours and light.

Our reluctance against compromises demands of us to interfere with the process of shaping products: Furniture design. Our radius of action is determined by the task, our ideals refer to interior design of rooms as well as to the design of  exterior areas. A well organised team of craftsmen helps us to realize our projects. Those are experienced experts, who work to the full satisfaction of our customers under our coordinationand construction management. This is why we are able to fulfill highest demands in shaping kitchens, bath-rooms and dressing rooms, internal fittings of every kind and special high class features such as wellness areas and wine cellars.  One more remark on living quality: Part of excellent living quality for our customers is also an all-round care offer as well as the administration of the object. Our service refers to all objects which need passion: We shape and supervise private homes and flats, bureaus and medical practices as well as leisure locations in which people should feel at ease: Restaurants, bars, hotels or cruise-liners.

  • consultation on the choice of property
  • overall design planning
  • layout design
  • material, color & lighting
  • furniture design
  • interiors
  • exteriors
  • craftsman team
  • overall coordination of site
  • construction management
  • kitchen, bath and dressing rooms
  • fixtures
  • wellness areas
  • wine cellars
  • all-round care
  • property management
  • private homes and apartments
  • (doctor’s) offices
  • restaurants
  • cruise-liners


Everything will be new. The process of design always starts from the very beginning. We never want to be ordinary, confoundable – but always valid- now here ,today and tomorrow. We are always heading for an increase of our performance. This is not easy , but exciting.

made x munich stands for complex Interior concepts, concerning indoor and outdoor areas, and their realisation on a national and international level.

Interior Design is, above all , based on craftmanship. Every idea will be put into reality only by active work. Solid design can only be realized by being serious- this expresses itself –even in digital times– through hand designed plans and concepts. Decisive for this work ist the compliance of resident and room. Accurate interior design accompanies our client until he or she is at home.

Reliable co-workers of high quality are essential for us. This goes for craftmanship as well as for producers, since all parts of  our work have to be based on solid ground. Profound knowledge is fundamental for being creative, in other words: Knowing what can be done and knowing who can do it best. This is not easy, but possible, thanks to our wide range of connections. As we say: talent is worthless without hard work!


markus rubsch

interior designer, managing director

annika jäger-götz

interior designer, dipl. ing. (fh)


STREIFZUG – Issue 47 Spring 2019
interior design by made X munich at Lake Constance